Roy Nathan de Groot



With the sequel Vlambeer wanted to go above and beyond the original flash game. Even faster action, bigger explosions and more variations in gameplay. I was responsable for the logo, the charactes, cutscenes, halve of the achievements and most designs of the enemy ships.

We started off by looking at the original assets. Discussed about what we would keep and what we would need to add. The orginal game was only 490x332px and we wanted to support a widescreen resolution, so all of the assets had to be upscaled. We also wanted to give the game and missions a bit more body, so we decided to put in small animated cutscenes.

I put a lot of love in the short cutscenes you see when completing some of the missions. Though completly done in the colors of the game, I wanted to have an animated feel to them.

Unfortunatly not every design made it into the game. Something I still would have loved to see in the game was this Main Menu design. I though it would be fun to explore the inner workings of the submarine you launch your rauser from. So I started out making some quick sketches trying to create a good sense of size.

A Yellow Submarine?

The thing I enjoyed most about Luftrausers was working with an amazing team. Everyone just wanted to make the best luftrauser game possible. Thank you, dear friends!

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