Last Updated on 29/01/2021

A showcase of some of my recent work!

Last Mage Standing

Roboto Games; Web, PC, Android & iOS; Early development

Play 100 Player Fantasy Battle Royale, Co-op Tower Defense and more game modes in this fast paced action RPG brawler!

Responsible for character, creature and effect animations; Character emotes;


Vlambeer; Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, PlayStation; Release date... someday

ULTRABUGS. Vlambeer Arcade's ULTRABUGS is a fast-paced high-score game in which you fight endless space bugs that split up into MORE space bugs as you fight and defeat them.

Responsible for all art; Animations, Design, Effects, Logo, UI & Store Artwork

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas

Daniel A. Ramirez/Blowfish Studios; Nintendo Switch, PC, Android & iOS; Released on August 24, 2019

In Whipseey and The Lost Atlas you play as Alex, a young boy who's curiosity has landed him in a world of trouble. After finding himself lost in a strange world and being transformed into a magical creature named Whipseey, he must solve the mystery of the Lost Atlas to return to his original form and go back home.

Responsible for all art; Animations, Cutscenes, Design, Effects, Logo, UI & Store Artwork

Cavemen Stories

Pixel-icious; Nintendo Switch, PC; In development

Cavemen Stories is a Prehistoric role playing game with a tactical twist. You play as Ukume, a young adult gatherer, trying to find and free your captured tribe.

Personal project: Responsible for all art, programming and game design